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Innovative Education for  Knowledge - Pioneering - Global Society

We welcome with a sense of pride and excitement. Our faculty and staff are committed to ensuring that we have a welcoming and safe community for all students. We know that students will find many exciting things at our school.

ADMISSIONS OPEN FOR KG To Grade-9 2023 - 2024

Our Educational Programs

With an abundance of experience as educators, our leadership has developed a philosophy that has proven successful throughout the years. Through a unique teaching approach that makes students feel respected, appreciated, and capable, we create an engaging and collaborative experience for every student. 


At Aldhia Alilmiyah, we understand that each student has individual wants and needs. We believe that learning can only be fostered from a feeling of mutual respect and compassion, and we maintain those values in everything we do. 


Our mission is to create a program that engages everyone. We strive to help students accomplish challenges and exceed their goals in a supportive environment. One of the most important ways that we enrich our educational experience is by staying involved with our CITY community.


The academic program at Aldhia Alilmiyah places an emphasis on every aspect of student development. Suitable class sizes and qualified teachers allow us to offer a comfortable and inclusive educational environment, while ensuring each student receives the support they need.

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